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Bernard Marks - Scenes of the Great Southwest

Bernard Marks has been a watercolor artist all his adult life, but he put his painting career on hold for nearly twenty years while he earned an MBA at the University of Chicago and established an advertising/marketing agency in Illinois. In the late 1990s, he began to lighten his duties in his company in order to devote more time to painting. Along the way, he took courses and workshops with several well-known painters and teachers, including Robert Wade, Arne Westerman, Eric Wiegardt, Frank LaLumia and Alvaro Castagnet. For several years, he studied with nationally-recognized portrait artist Richard Halstead.  Now a full-time resident of Santa Fe, Bernard divides his time between plein air painting and studio painting, both in watercolor and acrylics. His work is also carried by Waxlander Galleries in Santa Fe.

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"Late Light at the Grand Canyon"
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Paintings of the White Mountains and the Southwest.

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