Joyous Lake Gallery

Kendra Page,
"Poppy Field"


"The Impressionist Challenge!"

We have challenged these three plein air and studio artists to put forth what THEY believe is classic impressionism, and each has done so with her own flair. Leslie Allen, a Canadian painter who has relocated to Denver, painted the show image for the Mother's Day Show. She is well-known in the painting world, and an organizer of plein air artists in Colorado. Cindy Carrillo is a very active plein air painter working in Arizona, and a founding member of the Arizona Plein Air Painters. She paints and teaches all over the country, and her energy is incredible. Kendra Page, from California, is a Board member of Women Artists of the West, as well as a member of key societies there. She has been a long-time exhibitor at Joyous Lake Gallery, and her work is memorable for its simple beauty and the stillness within it. Kendra's work always gives you a sense of peace.

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